How to change Xbox One dashboard color scheme

Xbox One Dashboard live demo from Microsoft

It’s no news that Microsoft is making Xbox One a device that shares many similarities with Windows 8.1. If you own a current Windows 8 device, chances are the Xbox One dashboard look a lot familiar. As such options in Windows 8.1 can be found on Xbox One, like the ability for gamers to change dashboard color scheme. A difference to Windows, Xbox One only offers a limited number of colors varying from green, purple, blue, brown, and a few more. If you still new to the game console the steps below will help you through this easy process.


1. From the dashboard, select and enter to your profile — that will be the tallest tile on the left.

2. Next tap My Profile, then tap Choose color.

3. Now select one of the 24 available colors, press “A”, and that’s basically all you have to do. Go to the home screen and you’ll see your new color scheme.

Color scheme Xbox One dashboard choices

The customization not only reflects your character, but it also comes in handy when playing with different people, as each color scheme will make the dashboard pretty much unique when switching profiles.

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Quick Tip: Remember that everyone signed-in can easy switch to their personalized dashboard by using the “Xbox: show my stuff” voice command.