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How to clear cache and cookies on Firefox

If Firefox isn't loading websites correctly or you're having trouble signing in to a service, use this guide to clear the browsing data.

Clear cache and cookies on Firefox

Firefox similar to other browsers caches image and web files, and saves cookies (small text file stored on your device with preferences and other data for a specific site) from every website you visit, which helps to improve pages loading speeds when you return to the cached sites.

However, cache data and cookies not always work perfectly, and sometimes this data may prevent websites from loading correctly on Firefox, in which case, clearing the cache and cookies may fix the problem.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to clear the cache and cookies on Firefox on your Windows 10 computer, but you can use these instructions for other operating systems as well.

How to clear cache and cookies

  1. Open Firefox.

  2. Click the setting button on top-right the corner.

  3. Click on Options.

    Firefox settings menu
    Firefox settings menu
  4. On the left pane, select Privacy.

  5. Under “History”, click the clear your recent history link.

  6. On “Time range to clear”, select from the drop-down menu the time range to clear the browsing data. It’s always recommended to select “Everything”.

  7. Under “Details”, check only Cookies and Cache.

    Firefox clear recent history settings
    Firefox clear recent history settings

    In addition, note that you can clear a number of other browsing data, including browsing and download history, from and search history, active logins, offline website data, site preferences.

  8. Click the Clear now button to complete the task.

Once you completed the steps, websites will load as they should, but you’ll notice that they will take longer to load than usual. This is expected, and it’s because Mozilla Firefox has to re-cache the data again. As a result of clearing up cookies, you may also need to sign-in again to some of your online services.

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