How to fix any Ethernet (wired) problems on Windows 11

Do you use a wired connection to access the Internet? If so, when there's no internet access or other problems, you can use these steps on Windows 11.

Windows 11 fix Ethernet problems

On Windows 11, you can quickly fix the most common problems with a wired network connection by resetting the Ethernet adapter, and in this guide, you will learn how. If you use Windows 11, sometimes your computer will lose connectivity to the internet and local network. You may also experience error messages like “Limited access” and “Unidentified Network.” 

Whatever the networking problem might be, Windows 11 has a reset option for Ethernet adapters to resolve driver and many connectivity problems, including slow data transfers.

Although the Ethernet reset option can resolve many issues, it’s important to note that many factors can play a role in networking. For example, the problem could lie in the router, switch, cable, or physical problem with the adapter. 

If you are experiencing slow speeds or the cable connection has suddenly dropped from 1Gbps to 100Mbps, disconnecting and reconnecting the cable from the computer and switch or router, changing the cable or port may fix the problem.

This guide will teach you how to reset the network adapters when a wired connection isn’t working on Windows 11.

Warning: These steps will reset all the network adapters, including the wireless adapters. If you also have a Wi-Fi connection, you will need to know the Wi-Fi password to reconnect to the network.

Fix Ethernet adapter problems on Windows 11

To fix Ethernet network adapter problems on Windows 11 with reset option, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings on Windows 11.

  2. Click on Network & internet.

  3. Click the Advanced network settings tab.

    Advanced network settings

  4. Under the “More settings” section, click the Network Reset setting.

    Windows 11 network reset

  5. Click the Reset now button to fix the Ethernet (wired) problems on Windows 11.

    Windows 11 reset WiFi adapter

  6. Click Yes to confirm.

  7. Click the Close button.

  8. Restart your computer.

After you complete the steps, you should once again be able to access the network and internet. 

When using the reset option for an Ethernet adapter, Windows 11 will reset the settings to the factory default configuration, including the Windows Sucket (winsock), which means you don’t have to run the netsh winsock reset command and the network adapter driver will be reinstalled.

If applicable, you may also need to reinstall or reconfigure other networking software (such as a VPN client software).