Microsoft demos Windows 8.1 devices, apps, and a new Windows Store

In case you missed it, early this week Microsoft took the stage at Computex 2013 in Taipei and one more time demonstrated Windows 8.1, but this time the company showed in-depth the new apps, features, new devices, even a new Windows Store and the Start button coming in the update that will be available later this year, with a public Preview due in June 26th.

So, if you have about an hour to burn, the Microsoft’s keynote video is an hour and twenty-four minutes long and it shows the new Windows 8.1 apps that will be part of the update, including Food & Drink, Reading List, the new Search powered by Bing, SkyDrive, and Photos.

The software giant also showed off a wide array of new Windows 8.1 devices, from the new 7- to 8-inch “small” tablets, like the new Lenovo’s 8-inch “Mix 8 tablet” and the Acer Iconia w3, to small servers form factor, also many all-in-one PCs such as the Dell XPS 18 and many more.

New Windows Store

At minute 52 also the keynote gets interesting when Microsoft introduces the new revamped Windows Store for Windows 8.1. The company showed a new design, new layouts and animated transitions showing you the variety of apps, which is more appealing to what you see today in Windows 8. You will also see a new app description to better help choosing the app that is right for you.

The new Windows Store will also feature “Picks for you” which is a section in the store optimized to highlight the most interesting Windows 8 apps for you. Like before when you launch the Store you’ll be presented with “New Releases” and “Popular apps” to get things rollings in your hunt for the new app.

Although, Microsoft has demoed a few of the new features in a previous presentation, the new demonstration at Computex 2013 shows a more in-depth walk-through of the new Windows 8.1 update.

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