Microsoft on Xbox One always online, used games, and Kinect privacy

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Xbox One requires to connect online every 24 hours for games you own to work. If the console hasn’t checked-in with Microsoft’s servers within that time, you won’t be able to play games until a connection is reestablished — Microsoft explains. The tech giant also stated that Xbox One users can sign-in with their accounts in different consoles to get access to digital content, but in this circumstances an hourly online check will be required. So, in other words, yes, Xbox One requires an “Always on” internet connection — the long time rumor is true.

Another important point is that not everything you do in the video game console will need constant online checks. For example, watching DVD or Blu-ray movies, or Live TV doesn’t necessary need an internet connection.

“A system designed from the ground up to be ready and connected” — Microsoft.

Used Xbox One game policies

On the used game policies, Microsoft says that game publishers are the ones with the power to let you trade in games and only on certain retailers. The company also ensures that it will not “charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or customers for enabling transfer of these games.”, but game makers will make the decision to allow you resell or charge a fee for transferring games.

If you’re one those good friends who let other friends borrow your games, here are some facts for you: You can give your game disc to a friend. For this action there isn’t a transfer fee, but not every friend will qualify, he or she has to be in your Xbox list for at least a month and you can only do this transfer once per game.

Renting is the other issue, Microsoft won’t be supporting this method to acquire games to play, but it is working on a solution.

Games purchased on the Xbox Live marketplace or disc can be played by everyone logged into the console. Up to ten people can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One.

Kinect 2 privacy

The final point that Microsoft is dealing with is the concern with the Kinect 2. According to the company the sensor will only be listening to one voice command when the console is “Off”: “Xbox on”. If you still concerned, this feature can be easily turned off. Also the tech giant noted that any conversation in front of Xbox One when is turned on will not be recorded or uploaded.

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