How to disable Xbox app automatic startup on Windows 11

If the Xbox app keeps taking over the screen on startup, you can control this behavior from its settings page – here's how.

Xbox app disable startup on Windows 11
  • To disable Xbox app startup option, open Xbox Settings > General.
  • Then turn off the “Automatically launch app at startup” option.

When you install the Xbox app on Windows 11 (or Windows 10), you will notice that the app will start automatically every time you reboot your computer. This is because, by default, the Xbox app registers itself to run a startup.

Although it is convenient to get your games quickly, it’s not something that everyone needs. If you do not want the Xbox app launching automatically, you can change its settings to stop this behavior.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to stop the Xbox app from starting on Windows 11.

Disable Xbox app from starting automatically on Windows 11

To prevent the Xbox app from launching during startup, use these steps:

  1. Open Xbox app on Windows 11.

  2. Click the profile menu in the top-left and select the Settings option.

    Xbox app open settings

  3. Click on General.

  4. Under the “Startup settings” section, clear the “Automatically launch app at startup” option.

    Xbox app disable startup

  5. (Optional) Clear the “Keep the app running in the background when I close it” option to prevent the app from running after closing the app.

Once you complete the steps, the Xbox app will no longer launch automatically as you sign in to your Windows 11 after a reboot or cold start.