How to enable GodMode on Windows 10

GodMode settings in Windows 10

Like in previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system in Windows 10, users can enable the “GodMode”. For those unfamiliar, the GodMode in Windows is a way to get access to every setting available in the operating system with a single double-click, which basically gives the end users God power over Windows.

If you’re testing Windows 10 and you’d like to get access to all the settings available in the operating system, you can easily create a shortcut to access the 253 settings currently available in Windows 10.

How to create a shortcut to GodMode on Windows 10

Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, select Create a new Folder, and rename it using the following line:


Creating a new folder Windows 10

You’re not done, that is all it takes to create and access to the GodMode.

GodMode in Windows 10

This trick doesn’t only works on Windows 10, but it also works on previous version of Windows, exactly the same way, but options available will be different.