Windows 8 Tip: How to change font size and style to specific items

Here is an easy tip to make Windows 8 elements more readable and accessible. 

If there is one thing about Windows is that it allows you to customize almost anything and, like in previous versions, Windows 8 also allows you to adjust the font styling on specific items without changing the styling of anything else on the screen. Keep reading below to learn how:


Use the Windows 8 Key +X to open the power user menu and hit the letter P to access the Control Panel. Next, do a search for Display and click or tap it from the results. Then you’ll be presented with all the preferences available to customize the screen. You can change scaling settings using one of the three options (Smaller – 100%, Medium – 125% or Larger – 150%), or you can use your own custom size. But this is not what we really want to talk about today. What we are interested is in the Change only the text size section.


From this section you can choose to change font size and if you want the text to be Bold of specific items such as title bars, menus, message boxes, palette titles, icon and tooltips. Unfortunately, we cannot change the font family, like it was possible in Windows XP, but it is understandable from the point of keeping a good user experience throughout Windows. After changing the settings you want, click Apply to finish.