How to clear the cache in Firefox 4 [Bonus]

Mozilla Firefox as any other Web browser software, in this case Firefox 4, temporally stores offline (locally in your computer) data such as scripts, images, and other type of data while you are visiting a Website to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag, which all this translate to a faster and better browsing experience.

Now there is going to times that for some reason you are going to have to clear this data (cache), because it’s got corrupted or it is not working properly, or in the case that just makes sense to clear the cache. So in this article you are going to learn just that, keep reading to learn more…

1.  To clear the cache in Firefox 4, first click the new orange button and select Options.

Firefox 4 - Path to options


2.  Navigate to the Advanced Tab, click the Network Tab and under Offline Storage you are going to find all your Firefox 4 cache settings.

Firefox 4 - Options, advanced, network

a.  To clear the cache data, just click the Clear Now button and wait several seconds until all data is cleared.

b.  To change the default amount of space that is being used for cache, check the Override automatic cache management settings and set the Limit cache to the amount that you desire.

3.  Click OK to save your setting and you are all done!


[Bonus] How to configure Firefox 4 to automatically clear the cache

There is one more way to clear the cache in Firefox 4 and that is to automatically clear cache when Firefox closes, to accomplish this do the following:

1.  Go to Firefox 4 Options like mentioned above in the 1st step.

2.  Click on Privacy, under History, set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history

Firefox 4 - Privacy options

3.  Check-clear the Permanent Private Browsing mode and at the bottom of the History section, check the option Clear history when Firefox closes.

4.  You will also notice that the Settings button now becomes click-able, there you will find Settings for Clearing History that will give you the options of what Firefox should clear when you quit the application, one of them is Cache, leave this one checked and check-clear all other options, then click OK, and OK one more time to finish.

Firefox 4 -  Clearing history settings

If you want more geeky information about the cache service type in the Firefox 4 address bar about:cache, there you will find information such as Memory cache device, Disk cache device, and Offline cache device.

Firefox 4 - About:cache