How to easily install Windows 8.1 Update using the .msu files

Start screen in Win 8.1 Update 1

For those customers updating to Windows 8.1 Update manually using the available from MSDN and TechNet will notice that this spring update is a collection of .msu files needed to be installed in a certain order and one-by-one, instead of a single we’re used to see with Service Packs. So to avoid mistakes and making sure Windows 8.1 Update gets installed fully there is an easier and automated way to do it, simply follow the steps below.


1. Create a .txt file in the same folder where you have the Windows 8.1 Update files and open it.

2. In the text file copy and paste the following script:

ECHO: Installing KB2919442
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2919442-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2919355
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2919355-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2932046
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2932046-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2959977
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2959977-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2937592
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2937592-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2938439
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2938439-x64.msu
ECHO: Installing KB2934018
START /WAIT Windows8.1-KB2934018-x64.msu
ECHO: Install complete – press any key to reboot.
shutdown.exe /r /t 00

3. Use the Save as option to save the file as a .bat file.

4. Simply double-click the .bat file and the update process will begin. You’ll be prompt to approve each update, click Yes, and the updates will be installed in the correct order. Then the computer will restart to complete the update.

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Note: Please notice that this script file will only work with the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 Update.

Source Michael Crump