How to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8 (step-by-step)

Unsigned drivers Win 8

There are going to be times when you’ll need to install an old trusted piece of hardware or a device in Windows 8 that unfortunately will not have a signed driver from its manufacture. This means that you may end up having some issues trying to get the hardware installed in the new Microsoft’s OS, for this reason in this article I will show step-by-step how to install unsigned drivers in Win 8. 

Before we go through the installation process, you may be wonder: What is a signed driver? In short a signed driver is a digital signature, and it is security measure that allows verify the identity of the driver package and it also helps to check that no one has altered the driver content by other than the publisher. If a driver is properly signed it means that is trusted and you can safely install it in your system.

How to install unsigned drivers

  1. Use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to bring the Charms and click Change PC settings.

  2. Navigate to General and under Advanced Startup, click Restart Now.

  3. Now Windows 8 will restart in the advanced menu options, click on Troubleshoot.

  4. Click on Advanced options.

  5. Next, click the Startup Settings option from the menu.

  6. The Startup Settings will allow you to change various Windows configuration options including: Enable Safe Mode, Enable low-resolution video mode, and what we need — Disable driver signature enforcement. From this page simply click Restart.

  7. Now Windows 8 will reboot, but instead of going to the Desktop it will start in the Startup Settings page, from here hit F7 or the number 7. Then Windows will boot in a mode that will allow you to install unsigned device drivers in the operating system.

The last thing left to do now is to install the device driver without signature, and hopefully it should work without problems.

Even though the drivers should start working from this point forward, before going through this process make sure to check in the device manufacturer’s website to see if there is any updated drivers.