Data shows Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest growing web browser

IE11 market share for December 2013

Internet Explorer 11 makes a big jump on market share during the month of December 2013. Although, you might think Google Chrome is the most popular web browser software, data from Net Applications indicates that Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to be the most used software to surf the internet with a total market share of 57.9% during the month of December.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information is that IE 11 made a huge jump from no-data to 10.42% in just one month. Chrome 31 follows second with a jump of 6.11% in the same period, but overall Google web browser wins over Internet Explorer 11 with a total market share of 12.88%.

If you remember IE 11 was initially introduced with Windows 8.1 Preview back in June 2013 and a custom version of the browser recently was released for Windows 7, which really influenced the rapid adoption of the internet software.

Summing all the percentages, according to Net Applications, Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to be the king of the web browser with almost 58% (data from December 2013). Firefox, the popular open source web browser, gets the second place with 18.3%, and Google Chrome ends up getting the third place with 16.2 percent.