Microsoft KB2921482 fixes Surface 2 BitLocker recovery key issue

Surface RT and Surface Pro Patch Tuesday Firmware update

Perhaps you’re one of those cautious users who uses BitLocker to protect your Surface 2 tablet content, but you may have noticed that a recent bug in Windows 8.1 caused some problems with BitLocker recovery key; however now the good news is that Microsoft has released a fix.

The Surface 2 BitLocker recovery key issue appears when you resume or restart the device, where you’re prompted to enter your BitLocker recovery key before booting into Windows 8.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you can learn more about this problem and download the fix KB2921482 (Surface 2 prompts you for the BitLocker recovery key when you restart the device) from Microsoft. The update applies to Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface 2 — be aware that you cannot install this update on the Surface RT.