Microsoft rolls out KB3062095 for Windows 10 build 10074

KB3062095 for Windows 10 build 10074

Microsoft pushes update KB3062095 for Windows 10 build 10074, but only to fix a few bugs in the latest build, no new features and major changes are included in this release.

According to the Microsoft support page, KB3062095 resolves the following issues:

  • Project Spartan crashes when attempting to open it on some devices.
  • The Start menu appears when features of the work area, such as the screen resolution, DPI setting, or screen rotation, are changed. This can occur when running apps, such as games, that open in full-screen. These apps then crash when pressing the Alt + Tab keys.

This update requires to restart the computer after installation, but if you’re installing Windows 10 manually, you can easily schedule a restart at your convenience.

Source Microsoft