Learn really useful Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts

Internet Explorer 9 - Logo + Browser

Microsoft put so much effort in Internet Explorer 9 to make the web page the focus and not the browser itself by sliming down every pixel of the user interface, which it makes it a little bit difficult to find features and options. But don’t sweat it just yet, because there still a way to get the most out of IE9 without having to go around clicking many times trying to find something. The solutions are the IE 9’s keyboard shortcuts.


  • Alt+C – Opens the Favorites, History window, Feeds.
  • Alt+X – Opens the Tools menu.
  • Alt+Left – Moves back through your history.
  • Alt+Right – Moves forward through your history.
  • Alt+M – Takes you to the homepage.
  • Alt+X – Open Tools.
  • Alt+5 – Force IE 5 rendering mode.
  • Alt+7 – Force IE 7 rendering mode.
  • Alt+8 – Force IE8 rendering mode.
  • Alt+9 – Force IE9 rendering mode.
  • Alt+N – When downloading Alt+N put focus in the new Notification bar, you can then the Run/Open, Save, or Cancel button to interact with what you are downloading.


Ctrl KEY

  • Ctrl+D – Adds the current page to your Favorites ( or bookmarks).
  • Ctrl+B – Organize your Favorites.
  • Ctrl+K – Duplicates your current Tab.
  • Ctrl+J – Opens the Download Manager.
  • Ctrl+Alt+P – Opens an InPrivate browsing session.
  • Ctrl+L – Sets focus to the address bar (One Bar), and selects the current URL.
  • Ctrl+Tab – Switch between Tabs.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L – In the case that you have a URL or any content in the clipboard, this keyboard shortcut will load it and if it was a URL will take you to the site and if it was a search term will use your default search engine to look for the term, pretty handy!



  • F12 – Opens the developer console.
  • F5 – Refresh.
  • F11 – Full screen.
  • F7 – Caret browsing.
  • ESC – Stop loading the web page.

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