Microsoft to bring AI rewrite text option to Edge

Soon you may be able to rewrite text with AI on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Bing AI rewrite
  • Microsoft is testing a new AI rewrite feature for Edge.
  • The new feature appears when selecting some text in the browser.
  • Rewrite is the same as the Compose feature with a different form and name.

Microsoft appears to be testing a new feature part of the Bing Chat integration on its Microsoft Edge browser that will allow you to rewrite text using AI.

Although the company hasn’t mentioned it officially, some users have noticed a new option when selecting some text while using the browser, bringing up a new inline context menu with the “Rewrite” option. The context menu also reveals that you can use the “Alt + I” keyboard shortcut cut to bring up the feature.

When choosing the option, the AI will generate a new version of the text that you can insert with the “Replace” button. You also have a “Refresh” button to rewrite the selected text again, and the “Adjust” option allows you to change tone (professional, casual, enthusiastic, and informational), format (paragraph, email, blog post, and ideas), and length (short, medium, or long).

Edge rewrite text option
Edge rewrite text option / Image: @Leopeva64

At the time of this writing, the feature is only available for a select number of users in the Canary Channel, and it’s unclear when it will roll out to everyone. However, the feature isn’t entirely new since it’s identical to the “Compose” feature already available from the Bing Chat sidebar in Microsoft Edge. The only difference is the name of the feature and the ability to access it in a more compact form within the area you’re writing.