Microsoft to discontinue Windows Media Center in Windows 10

Windows Media Center is no more.

Win8 MCE pack

Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows Media Center for Windows 10. While the company stopped updating the feature back in 2009, Windows Media Center continues to ship to Windows 8 users via an upgrade package. However, the software maker has confirmed that Windows 10 won’t feature an updated version of Windows Media Center or the current unmodified version of the feature, which means that those PCs upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 will lose the feature forever.

The move shouldn’t come to anyone surprise, it’s been more than five years since the company stopped the development. Microsoft first introduced the feature in 2001, it was designed to run a set-top box experience focus on videos, music, and live TV, but it actually never caught the attention of enough users.

The company still focuses on TV and entertainment features, but on a different device. Xbox One is the company’s answer for games, movies, music, and live TV.

If you’re a Windows Media Center fan, you’ll have a hard choice to make this summer – Stick with Windows 8.1 or upgrade for free to Windows 10 and lose the feature.

Source ZDNet