Microsoft Edge is a more energy efficient than Chrome and Firefox battery life tests show

People using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 can get more battery life compare to those using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Microsoft Edge battery life test

You probably should be using Microsoft Edge to improve the battery life of your laptop when you’re on the go. On Windows 10, Microsoft retired Internet Explorer, and introduced a brand new web browser, which now the company says is more battery-efficient than Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

If you use one of the popular web browsers (especially Chrome), you probably know the negative effect on battery life.

Although, other companies have promised to improve battery life, nothing hasn’t been introduced to make a significant difference. On the other hand, Microsoft is improving Edge to lower battery drainage.

To prove, Microsoft has created two tests measuring the power usage by Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and of course, Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge battery life tests

On the first lab-controlled test, the company measured typical web browser activities (e.g., loading websites, scrolling, watching videos, and opening tabs) on popular sites. The result shows that Microsoft Edge delivers up to 53 percent more battery life than the competition navigating sites, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia making it a better browser.

Microsoft web browser power consumption tests

On the second test, all four browsers have been tested how long streaming high-definition video lasts using a wireless connection. The result was Microsoft Edge delivering up to 70 percent more battery life than the other browsers. For example, Chrome only lasted 4hrs and 22mins, while Edge stayed up streaming for 7hrs and 22mins.

Microsoft web browser power usage telemetry

It’s clear that the company is trying to promote and get people to use Microsoft Edge. Currently, not everyone is using the browser on Windows 10, and it’s in part because the lack of key benefits found in other browsers, such as extension support. However, Microsoft is planning to rollout extensions for Edge in the upcoming Anniversary Update release.

These tests have been done using the current version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. On the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft promises more power-saving improvements. The company plans to accomplish this by continue reducing the system memory consumption, using less processor cycles, and minimizing the effect of background activity. In addition to minimize impact by other elements, such as Flash advertisements that can negatively impact battery life.

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