Microsoft Lists lets you track info and organize work like Airtable

Microsoft introduces Lists, a new service coming this summer that lets businesses create simple, smart, and flexible lists to track information and organize your work.

Microsoft Lists (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Lists is a new list management app designed for businesses with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Although this may sound similar to the “Microsoft To Do” app, Lists is a more advanced tool much like Airtable.

The app is a tool that lets you and your organization track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and much more using customizable views, rules, and alerts to keep everyone in sync. It also includes deep integration with many Microsoft products, which means that it’ll work with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint.

In addition, Microsoft Lists includes pre-configured templates to create new lists fast for items like checklists, events, and contacts, and there will be color formatting, and settings to create alerts.

When using Lists, you’ll be able to use three views, including grid, gallery, and calendar. The grid view shows rows and columns that you can configure and change order. The gallery view will help you to better visual the content for lists with images, and the calendar view will display the list with dates.

Also, the app will offer rules, which you can configure using based on the if an statement is true then do something like in programing, and you’ll have the ability to set reminders, notifications, and programmatically update values in the list.

Additionally, Microsoft will be integrating its Power Platform to customize lists with Power Apps and Power Automate, and developers will be able to plug into the service using APIs through Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Lists is planned to release later this summer for Microsoft 365 subscribers, and there will be web version as well as mobile app.