How to share group of tabs on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now has an extension to group and share tabs in various formats, and here's how to use it.

Share group of tabs on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has published (via Techdows) an extension for the Microsoft Edge browse known as “Group Tabs & Share” designed to make it easier to share tabs with other people.

The extension lets you group tabs and copy the links in bulk to quickly share them through email, social media, or using the built-in options (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Microsoft Teams). In addition, you can customize the format to allow you to download the content in HTML, CSV, and JSON to share taps in those formats.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to download Group Tabs & Share and the steps to use the extension on Microsoft Edge.

How to share tabs on Microsoft Edge

To share tabs using the Group Tabs & Share extension on Edge, use these steps:

  1. Open Edge Add-ons page.

  2. Click the Get button.

    Group Tabs & Share extension
    Group Tabs & Share extension
  3. Click the Add extension button.

  4. Click the Group Tabs & Share button next to the address bar.

  5. Select the tabs you want to share.

  6. Under the “Settings” section, select whether to copy all the links or only web pages.

  7. Under the “Export tabs” from section, select whether to share all the tabs from all windows or active window.

  8. Under the “Format” section, select the format to share the content. For example, you can select to share only the links, title and links, or you can choose to share tabs as HTML, CSC, and JSON.

    Share tabs in Microsoft Edge
    Share tabs in Microsoft Edge
  9. Click the Copy to Clipboard or Download as HTML button depending on the format you selected. Or click the WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Microsoft Teams option.

Once you complete the steps, you can share the content through email, social media, or the platform you selected.