Microsoft launches new beautiful Outlook app for iOS and Android

New Outlook app for iOS and

Microsoft releases a new Outlook app, bringing an elegant and high quality email experience to both iOS and Android. However, the new Outlook apps are not exactly built from scratch from Microsoft. The apps are based on an email client software from Acompli, a company, Microsoft acquired back in December for $200M.

According to the software maker, the long-term plan is to replace all the current Outlook apps available, including the app for Android, the OWA apps for Android and iOS that are part of the Office 365 paid offering.

The new elegant Outlook app, like Acompli, will continue offering support for, Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail, and other email services too.

A side from sending and receiving emails, the new Outlook app lets users send attachments stored on many cloud services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

Also very similar to different modern email clients, this version of Outlook also supports a wide variety of swipe gestures that can be configured to the user liking.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are getting the completed version of the app today, but Android is only getting a preview. The reason is that Android has a wider range of hardware and Microsoft needs a little more time to get all the features working correctly.

It should not come to a surprise that there is not word, when the new Outlook app will be available on Windows Phone.