Microsoft sells replacement parts to repair Xbox controllers

You can now repair your Xbox controller, allowing to save money, time, and reduce electronic waste.

Xbox controller repair
  • Microsoft now offers parts to repair Xbox controllers.
  • The spare parts are available for the standard Xbox and Elite Series 2 Wireless Controllers.
  • The prices for the repair kits vary depending on the part.

The Microsoft Store now offers spare parts for Xbox controllers. This means gamers can now buy replacement boards, sticks, buttons, covers, and more to repair their standard Xbox Wireless Controller as well as the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller instead of buying new controllers and producing more electronic waste.

The prices for the repair kits vary depending on the part. For example, a button set for the Elite series 2 controller costs $23.99, while a replacement PCBA and motor assembly costs $59.99. The prices for the standard controller are lower, starting at $19.99 for just the controller’s top case and going up to $34.99 for the PCBA and vibration motor.

In addition to the repair kits, Microsoft offers downloadable instructions and an official instructional video on YouTube that can show gamers how to repair their controllers.

Microsoft’s decision to sell controller parts is a good step towards enabling customers’ right to repair their equipment. This is similar to Apple’s decision to start selling repair kits last year. It is also a good way for the company to save money on repairs, as it will no longer have to send controllers back to the factory for repairs.

It’s not only for Xbox controllers. Microsoft also started selling repair kits for Surface devices in June 2023. This includes parts for the Surface Pros, Surface Laptops, and Surface Studio. The company even sells tools to handle the disassembly of devices.

Overall, the company’s decision to sell controller parts is positive for gamers. It allows customers to repair their controllers instead of buying new ones, which can save them money. It also helps to reduce electronic waste.