Surface Laptop 4 (source: Microsoft)
The next-gen is coming

Microsoft reveals next generation of Windows 10 is coming

Microsoft plans to unveil the next generation of Windows with the biggest changes yet during a special event very soon.

  • Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows 10 during a special event, not during Build 2021.
  • The reference of “Windows” instead of “Windows 10” could indicate a branding shift.
  • Windows is also getting a new app store.

Usually, Microsoft talks about what’s coming for the next version of Windows 10 during its Build developer conference. However, during Build 2021, the company is not sharing any specific details since it will be hosting a separate event to show everything planned for the next version of the desktop operating system.

In the keynote, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, said that “soon,” the company will “share one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade to unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.” Nadella also said that he has been testing “the next generation of Windows” and promised that it would create more opportunities for developers “to build and distribute and monetize applications.”

While it is not exactly clear how the company plans to create more opportunities, he’s probably referring to the new app store, which it’s said that will feature a new user-friendly interface, modern design, and new policies that will benefit users and developers.

It is also interesting to hear that Nadella refers to the next version, the “next generation of Windows.” This is because the company usually refers to it as “Windows 10,” which may suggest a change in the branding is in the works, which is in addition to the new features and changes expected to arrive with the next version.

The next generation of Windows also makes a reference to the Sun Valley update (version 21H2), which the company has been working on in the past several months, and among other improvements, it will include new iconography, system font, elements with rounded corners, tweaks for the Start menu, a new version of File Explorer, and many other features.

Microsoft did not say when it will host the next event, but Nadella said it will be “soon,” which could mean sometime in June.