Mozilla officially released Firefox 6 and here is how it works

Download Firefox 6

You may have already downloaded and installed Firefox 6 from the various places including from the Mozilla’s FTP servers for several days. But now, the most recognized open source web browser — Firefox — has officially released its version 6 and it is ready for anyone who wishes to get it. 

If you are hard-core fan of Firefox you may have already an idea of Mozilla’s new rapid release cycles, which are a lot quicker compare to previous releases. But if you use Firefox and you don’t have a clue about these new rapid release cycles, the guys at Mozilla have also released a couple of infographics that shows how the new timeline works (original published on Engadget).

And don’t forget to download Firefox 6 from the links down below, if you haven’t already done it!

Mozilla Firefox rapid release cycle - Image A

Mozilla Firefox rapid release cycle - Image B

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Source & images Engadget