Protect your online privacy with DoNotTrackMe (F.K.A Do Not Track Plus)

Protect online tracking

If you are actively trying to protect your privacy online, you may have heard of Do Not Track Plus. Well, now the free tool for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari — but no Opera — has a new name, DoNotTrackMe, and a new set of updates that brings a new user-interface designed to make it more intuitive and easy to use. It shows you what is being blocked, and best of all, protects you online from ad tracking and social networks.

Once installed, DoNotTrackMe sits in your browser’s toolbar; you can enable or disable it if the site you are visiting breaks, and it is proactively showing you what is blocking from a particular page. Furthermore, if you are interested what’s happening behind the scene, you can view the details, or data, third-parties are trying to get from your activities. Certainly you can also choose to allow or denied what has been blocked.

A new addition of this nifty tool is that it does not remove social elements from a web page (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), instead the social buttons stay but the communication back to the source gets cut off, which means that social networks will not be able to track you.

DoNotTrackMe, as I mentioned at the beginning, is free, works with all major web browsers, and it is worth a try if you are concerned about your privacy online.

Source CNET via Lifehacker