How to remove annoying window pixel border in Windows 11

Are you seeing an accent color pixel around the windows borders in Windows 11? Here's the fix to remove it.

Windows 11 fix pixel border

Windows 11, like in the previous version, includes a solid pixel border in File Explorer and other apps. While this visual element helped with the design experience in Windows 10, the new version of the OS introduces a new UI using different visual elements, making the pixel around borders unnecessary.

If you don’t like to see windows with one solid pixel around the borders, it’s easy to remove this by disabling the color accent option in the new Windows 11 Settings. Also, turning off this feature will fix the white font for text and other elements in the title bar of the new File Explorer.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to turn off the solid pixel border around windows in Windows 11. (See also this video tutorial on how to complete this task.)

Remove accent color pixel around windows borders in Windows 11

To remove the accent color pixel around windows borders, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings in Windows 11.

  2. Click on Personalization.

  3. Click the Colors page on the right side.

  4. Turn off the Show accent color on title bars and windows borders toggle switch.

    Remove accent color pixel border
    Remove accent color pixel border

Once you complete the steps, windows for File Explorer and other apps will no longer show a colored pixel around the borders.

Thanks to YouTube viewer @caleb for pointing the option out in my build 22000.51 walkthrough video.