See how Microsoft created the Windows 7 Startup Animation [Video]

Windows 7 Startup animation

You use Windows 7 at work, at your home, in a coffee shop and on devices that you may not even know. You see it booting up in a regular basis, at least for those that shutdown the computer every night, but did it ever crossed your mind, how they come up with the Windows 7 Startup Animation? Now you can watch in this video from one member of the team, Rolf Ebeling, who had the challenging task of creating what you see every time you boot Windows 7, and he will explain in great detail how everything came to be. 

This is a  16 mins video where you’ll see how this challenging task was accomplished. Challenging I say, because you have to take a lot of things in consideration, like how to deal with an environment that do not have graphics or audio drivers loaded at the booting stage and more.

Source Channel9