Watch how Microsoft designed the iconic Windows 7 default background image

Iconic Windows 7 default background

There is a good chance that when you got that Windows 7 PC or you upgraded to this version of Windows, the default background was the beautiful blue image with the colorful Windows logo right on the center.

In this video Denise Trabona, Senior UX at Microsoft, will walk you through the journey from beginning to finish on the design of this iconic Windows 7 default background image. See what other alternative designs might have been the final product and what it was taken in consideration from designers to represent Windows 7 with an image.

Source Channel9 – Progression of the Iconic Background 

Also watch what was the thinking behind all the default background images that are included in Windows 7, how they came up with such designs, and how they decided what type of art hundreds of millions of people may choose to see every day on their Windows 7 desktop.

Source Channel9 – A Look Behind the Backgrounds of Windows 7 

If you have some time to spare, these are pretty interesting videos worth watching.