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How to set up ‘mobile hotspot’ on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a new "Mobile hotspot" feature that allows you to share your internet connection with up to 8 devices − Here's how you set it up.

The ability to turn your computer into a mobile hotspot is nothing new on Windows. The operating system had the ability to share an internet connection for many years, but it required the use of the NETSH command-line utility to make it work, which it may not be an easy task for regular users.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update makes it pretty easy to share your internet connection using the new “Mobile hotspot” feature in the Settings app.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to turn your computer into a wireless hotspot to enable you to share your internet connection with other devices without the need of extra software or complicated commands.

Note: Prior to the release of the Anniversary Update, “Mobile hotspot” is available beginning Windows 10 build 14316 or later Insider preview.

How to set up ‘mobile hotspot’ using the Settings app

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click Network & internet.

  3. Click Mobile hotspot.

  4. Decide whether or not you want to another device to turn on mobile hotspot by enabling Turn on remotely. Keep in mind that both devices must have Bluetooth turned on and they have to be paired.

  5. Click the Edit button if you want to change the Network name and password.

  6. Under Share my Internet connection from, select the Wi-Fi adapter you want to share so other devices can access the internet.

  7. Click the switch to turn on Mobile hotspot.

    Mobile hotspot feature on the Settings app for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Now that Mobile hotspot is configured on your Windows 10 device, you can connect any other devices like you would normally do, including your Android or iPhone, Mac, iPad, Windows phone, or any other Windows PC.

The only caveat with wireless hotspot feature is that you’re limited to share your internet connection with up to 8 devices.

Once new devices connect to your hotspot you will see them listed on the Mobile hotspot section with some useful information, such as name, IP address, and Mac address of the devices.

Mobile hotspot connected devices on Windows 10

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