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How to take webpage screenshot on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge introduces a screenshot feature to capture webpages, and here's how to use it on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge take screenshot tool

Microsoft Edge has a new feature to take screenshots of webpages. Sure, you can take screenshots using many other apps (for example, Snip & Sketch) or features on Windows 10, but the “Web capture” available with Edge makes it easy to grab everything you need in a single take. This is possible since the browser will automatically scroll down the page to help you take a screenshot of what you need from the webpage, which it’s not possible with other tools.

Once you capture the snapshot, you can copy it to the clipboard, save it for later, or you can share it with other people.

The Web capture feature is coming soon to the stable version, but it’s already available in the builds from the Dev and Canary channels.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to take quick screenshots of webpages using the Web capture tool on Microsoft Edge.

How to take screenshots of webpage with Edge

To take a screenshot with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, use these steps:

  1. Open a website on Microsoft Edge.

  2. Click the Settings and more (ellipsis) button from the top-right corner.

  3. Select the Web capture option.

    Microsoft Edge Web capture
    Microsoft Edge Web capture
  4. Use the mouse to select the region of the web page you want to capture. (You can drag the cursor down to scroll down the page to capture everything you need.)

  5. Click the Copy option from the context menu to copy the image to the clipboard which you can then paste anywhere using the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut or the Paste option.

  6. (Optional) Click the Preview option from the context menu to open the screenshot using the Web capture interface.

    Screenshot preview option
    Screenshot preview option
  7. Choose one of the options, including Share, Copy, or Save from the top-right corner.

    Microsoft Edge screenshot toolbar
    Microsoft Edge screenshot toolbar

Once you complete the steps, you can save the screenshot for future reference, share it with other people, or paste it on a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to using the main menu, you can always use the Ctrl + Shift + F keyboard shortcut to invoke the tool without the need of the extra clicks.

The ability to take a screenshot with Microsoft Edge is rolling out in the Dev and Canary channels, and the company says that future releases of the interface will include inking toolbar and the ability to take screenshots of the entire web page with a single click.

We’re focusing this guide on Windows 10, but the Web capture feature is available for all the platforms that support the browser.