Task Manager gets accent color support on Windows 11 22H2

The next version of Task Manager will get accent color support while using the light or dark color modes.

Windows 11 22H2 Task Manager colors
  • Windows 11 accent color will expand to Task Manager.
  • The colors will apply to navigation items, settings, and resource stats.
  • Microsoft plans to preview the Task Manager with accent color in upcoming previews.

Windows 11 22H2 is expected to arrive during the second half of 2022, and among all the new features, the company plans to include an updated Task Manager experience with accent color support.

In a new Windows Insider podcast published on YouTube, Microsoft demoed the redesigned Task Manager using rounded corners, left navigation pane, mica material, new iconography, and teased support accent colors.

The accent color in Task Manager means that when you change system colors, it will also apply to navigation items and settings, and in the “Processes” tab, you’ll see the accent color across the resource usage indicators instead of the traditional yellow color scheme.

Task Manager accent color
Task Manager accent color (Source: Microsoft)

The accent color works for Task Manager’s light and dark color modes.

In addition to this update, the app is also getting new shortcuts to help users navigate the tabs and perform actions with the keyboard.

While the redesigned tool is planned for version 22H2, the company is expected to roll out this new colorful support in the coming days to testers.