Windows 10: How to create your own custom color accent

Windows 10 doesn't include a color picker to create custom accent colors, but this little using Control Panel's Color and Appearance will do the trick.

Creating a custom accent color for Windows 10

As in previous versions, Windows 10 allows users to configure many personalization options. One of these options is the ability to change the accent color to make the operating system more personal. However, the number of accent colors to choose from are limited, and Microsoft isn’t including a color picker to set specific colors.

Luckily, because the Control Panel still part of Windows 10, you can create your own custom accent color very easily — just follow the instructions below:

Windows 10 custom color accent

  1. On the taskbar search box type Run and hit Enter

  2. Type Control Color and click OK

  3. While in Color and Appearance, pick the color you like

  4. Then click the “Show color mixer” down arrow and adjust the slider until you land to the color you like

    Windows 10 Color and Appearance  settings

  5. Click the Save Changes button

That’s all you have to do to create you own custom accent color in Windows 10. Though, it’s worth pointing out that changing your current theme will reset your custom color scheme. If you want to create and save custom accent colors in Windows 10, you can refer to my previous guide, which involves modifying the Windows registry.

Source Neowin