Windows 10 may soon introduce new icons for built-in apps

Microsoft is working to brings new icons for Windows 10 apps, and here's a glimpse of how those designs may look like.

Windows 10 new icons for apps

Alongside introducing new icons for the suite of Office applications, it’d appear that Microsoft is also working to introduce new icons for Windows 10.

Recently, the software giant unveiled a new set of icons for Office coming to Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android, and the web to reflect how the apps have been evolving, and now, it seems that the iconography makeover will be expanding to Windows 10 as well.

As Jon Friedman, head of the Microsoft Office design team, reveals on a comment (via Thurrott and The Verge), “this is the beginning of a cross-company effort to update all icons in the same style.” If you look closely at the images shared by Friedman in this Medium article, you can get a glimpse of the possible updates coming to the Windows 10 icons for Calculator, News, Calendar, Mail, and Photos apps.

While these are not the final icons that will see on Windows 10, it shows that Microsoft is also planning to modernize the icons, at least for the built-in apps, but it’s unclear if the company is planning to update system icons which haven’t been replaced in a very long time.