Windows 10 on Xbox One experience with Xbox 360 backward compatibility arrives on November 12th

Microsoft set a release date, the New Xbox One Experience rolls out on November 12th, 2015.

New Xbox One Experience dashboard

Xbox One biggest update finally has a release date. On October 26th, during the worldwide “Halo 5: Guardians” launch event, Microsoft announced that the first major update for Xbox One — the one that brings Windows 10 to the platform and includes Xbox 360 games backward compatibility –, will officially roll out to everyone on November 12th.

While some Xbox One owners have been previewing the opt-in “New Xbox One Experience” version of the new operating system, the experience has been somewhat buggy, and reverting back to the original image wipes out the console clean.

But it’s all on the name of improving the software, after all of the intensive testing every major bug will be worked out and will get Windows 10 on Xbox One ready for primetime.

Key features expected to release with the November 12th update are:

  • Redesign UI similar to the Xbox app on Windows 10.
  • We go back to the vertical-scrolling, although side-scrolling will continue to be present.
  • Backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.
  • Performance and speed improvements across the console.
  • Social improvements with the new Community area.
  • Changes on Notifications, Friends, and Messages.
  • Redesign OneGuide to become the single place to find TV, movies, and video apps.
  • Cortana for Xbox One will release sometime in 2016.

Microsoft has previously said that there will be over 100 Xbox 360 games titles ready to be played on Xbox One when the NXOE update releases, including Mass Effect, Gears of War games, Jetpac Refuelled, and many more. The company has also promised that the new experience will be much faster and it will have a closer integration with Windows 10.