Windows 11 gets Depth Effects AI for background images

Windows 11 is getting a new Depth Effects feature that uses AI to add parallax effects to wallpapers.

Windows 11 Background Depth Effects
  • Microsoft is working on a Depth Effects feature for Windows 11.
  • The feature will add a parallax effect to background images as you move the mouse around.
  • It’s unclear when the feature will be available, but it may be included on Windows 11 23H2.

On Windows 11, you will be able to set a desktop background image with “depth effects.” The feature was previously found in preview builds of the operating system, but it didn’t work. However, this is changing with build 23466, as Twitter user Albacore was now able to turn on the feature.

Depth Effects is a new feature that uses AI to add a parallax effect to wallpapers, so as you move the mouse pointer around the screen, you will notice different layers in the background that move at different speeds to give you a sense of depth effect.

The new feature will appear on Settings > Personalization > Background, and you will be able to enable it by turning on the “Depth Effects” toggle switch. However, as the page describe the feature, the parallax technique for images will be available in some background images.

Background depth effects
Background depth effects (Source: @thebookisclosed)

Usually, it’s possible to enable a hidden feature on preview builds of Windows 11, but this particular feature is still not ready, so there’s no easy way to try it out.

It’s unclear when it’ll be available to users. However, noting that the “Depth Effects” feature has been spotted in the Dev Channel, it’s likely this could arrive with the release of Windows 11 23H2.