How to get early access to Generative AI on Google Search

Google Search now includes features powered by AI to help you get answer faster, and here's how to sign up get early hands-on.

Google Search AI preview
Google Search AI preview
  • To get early access to Google’s new Generative AI features for Search, open the Search Labs website, sign in with your Google Account, and click “Join waitlist,” then click “Search Labs,” “Get started,” and turn on the “SGE” option to enable the Google AI on search.
  • It’s unclear how long the wait time is before getting access to the new Search with AI.

Google officially unveiled “Generative AI” for search, and you can sign up to get early access to this new experience, and in this guide, you will learn how. Generative AI is a new experience that brings the power of AI to the top of search results, “taking more of the work out of searching, so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily.”

It all means that when performing a search, you will now see a new block with a specific color theme based on the search with details about the topic alongside related links. If you don’t have a definitive answer, similar to using Google Bard, you can also ask additional questions with the inline prompt box. If this experience seems familiar is because Microsoft has a similar approach to integrating Bing Chat into its results.

The company emphasizes that the new AI features on search are designed to highlight content and drive more traffic to content creators.

This guide will teach you the easy steps to sign up to get early access to AI features on Google Search.

Get access to Google Search AI experience

To get access to Generative AI on Google Search, use these steps:

  1. Open Chrome (recommended).

  2. Open the Google Labs page.

  3. Under the “Google Search” section, click the Learn more button.

    Google Labs Search AI

  4. Click the Sign-in button (if applicable).

  5. Confirm your Google account credentials.

  6. Click the “Join waitlist” button.

  7. (Optional) Check the “Opt in to receive email updates about Search Labs” option.

  8. Click the “Join waitlist” button.

    Google Search Generative AI sign up

  9. Click the Search Labs button in the top-right.

    Google Search Labs

    Quick note: This will appear when your turn is ready to enable the new Google AI in your account. Otherwise, you may not see this option.
  10. Click the Get started button.

    Search Labs get started

  11. Turn on the SGE toggle switch to enable the new Google AI experience in search results.

    Enable Google SGE AI access

  12. Click the I agree button.

  13. (Optional) Turn on Code Tips toggle switch to enable the new coding AI enhancements.

  14. Click the I agree button.

  15. (Optional) Turn on the Add to Sheets toggle switch to enable this feature for search results.

Once you complete the steps, you can click the “Try an example” button to view an example of the Google AI, or you can simply perform a Google Search to access the Generative AI experience.

The AI experience on Google Search is expected to roll out as a limited preview for Google Chrome and Google mobile app in the coming weeks, and initially, it will be limited to users in the United States.

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