Windows 11 holiday 2021 wallpaper

Windows 11: download holiday-themed wallpaper

Microsoft kicked off the holiday season with Windows 11 users by releasing a new custom holiday-themed (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year) wallpaper. The desktop background was created in collaboration with Kervin Brisseaux, creative director of Haitian American.

The Windows 11 wallpaper is an “abstract artwork,” which “merges the updated design of Windows 11 with the magical, vibrant nature of the holidays.”

“The light and bright elements of the visual story Brisseaux imagined for his background track with the new color palette and softer, more approachable graphics of Windows 11,” the company explains.

You use this link to download the holiday 2021 wallpaper for Windows 11. Once you have downloaded the image, you can right-click and select the Set as desktop background option. Alternatively, you can change the desktop wallpaper on Windows 11 from Settings > Personalization > Background settings page.

Microsoft has also announced Windows 11 SE, a new variant of the OS designed specifically for students. The edition of Windows comes with a default wallpaper, and you can download it to set it as background on your desktop.