Windows 11 running Android apps

Windows 11 will release without Android apps support

Microsoft delays Android apps support for Windows 11, but it plans to ship a preview to testers in the coming months.

  • Windows 11 won’t run Android apps initially.
  • Microsoft plans to release a preview of the experience in the coming months. 
  • It’s likely that Android apps on Windows 11 won’t arrive until 2022.

On October 5, 2021, Microsoft is set to begin the slow rollout of Windows 11, but it will ship missing an important feature, support for Android apps. According to the company, the work will continue with Amazon and Intel to bring support for Android apps to Windows 11, but it will happen in the “coming months.”

When Microsoft first announced Windows 11, it revealed that it was working with Amazon and Intel to integrate the ability to run Android apps (for example, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) whether you have a system with Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm processor.

However, the implementation has been delayed, as the company says that it’s working on a preview for testers that will arrive in the coming months before making it available to everyone.

Microsoft did not offer details about the delay. However, it could be because of the complexity of the integration since the company has to build a Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) to provide a virtual environment to run Android apps without the need for Google Play Services support, integrate the Amazon Appstore into Windows 11, and use Intel’s Bridge technology to run the apps.

If the support won’t be available initially, it probably means that it won’t arrive until sometime in 2022.

While this news may disappoint a lot of users, Windows 11 will still include a lot of significant new features and changes, including a new Start menu and Taskbar design, new multitasking features like Snap layouts, Snap groups, and Desktops, redesigned File Explorer, integration with Microsoft Teams, brand-new Settings app, and a lot more.