Windows 11 Settings app gets Graphics and Insider changes

The Settings app hides some upcoming features and visual changes expected to arrive in future releases of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Settings changes
  • Windows 11 build 25276 hides changes coming to the Settings app.
  • The Graphics settings page shows a page redesign to match the rest of the app’s modern design.
  • The Windows Insider Program settings page shows a new Experimental Features option.

Alongside the changes officially announced for build 25276 in the Dev Channel, this flight for Windows 11 hides a few changes coming to the Settings app, including a redesigned Graphics properties page and experimental settings for the Windows Insider Program page.

According to Tweets from @thebookisclosed, the Graphics page is getting a design update to match the rest of the app. The page also brings the “Optimizations for windowed games” option to the main page.

Experimental Features
Experimental Features (Source: @thebookisclosed )

On the other Tweet, we can see that the “Windows Insider Program” page is getting a new “Experimental Features” setting. The setting is currently a work in progress and is empty. However, it could be a way that users can opt to get all the (in-development) features enabled by default rather than Microsoft offering them randomly using A/B testing.

Graphics settings redesign
Graphics settings redesign (Source: @thebookisclosed)

It’s unclear when Insiders may be able to get hands-on with these new features and visual changes, but since they were already spotted in the latest preview build, we can assume that it could be soon.