Windows 11 update reportedly fixes bug making SSDs slow

If your device has been experiencing NVMe SSD performance issues, the Patch Tuesday update from August 2023 resolves the issue on Windows 11.

Windows 11 update settings
  • Microsoft quietly fixes the (unconfirmed) slowdown bug on NVMe SSDs for Windows 11.
  • The August 2023 update (KB5029263) is the patch that resolves the issue.
  • The information isn’t official since the company has never acknowledged the problem.

Microsoft apparently fixed the bug causing slow performance for NVMe Solid-State Drives (SSDs) on Windows 11. Initially, back in March 2023, users noted that after installing the update KB5023706 (Moment 2), the speed of SSDs was noticeably slower than those devices without the update, and during the August 2023 update (KB5029263) seems to have corrected the issue.

The release notes for the Patch Tuesday update for August don’t contain any specific details, but after installing the update, many users began to report speed improvements in NVMe SSDs. WindowsLastet was also able to confirm the reports that users were submitting.

Although the update may seem to have resolved the problem, many users are not happy with the fact that the software giant never confirmed the issue nor shared any details of the fix, leaving users without any information about the problem and whether the problem has been corrected for all NVMe SSDs.

If you have been dealing with SSD performance issues since the release of the Moment 2 update, it’s recommended to download and install the update KB5029263 to see if that fixes the problem.