Windows 9: first evidence of Cortana spotted in leaked build 9834

Cortana's Remind Me in Windows 9

Since the leaked screenshots of Windows Technical Preview build 9834 many of the features coming to Windows 9 has been confirmed. Even a recent video demonstrated the new Start menu and its capability in the current build. But until now we only heard a few rumors about Cortana digital assistant coming to Windows Threshold.

Today looking back to one of the leak screenshots of the new Start menu hints the first evidence of Cortana integration in Windows 9 with an entry for “Remind Me”, which is part of Cortana’s notebook found in Windows Phone 8.1. Even though, we know Cortana will eventually find her home in Windows, the new Remind Me entry in the Start menu could also a be only a way to edit your current reminders for your Windows Phone.

Early rumors suggested that Cortana was being tested on Microsoft’s internal builds as an app. And the Remind Me app listed in the Start menu, could be the first sign of the company bringing its Windows Phone digital assistant to the desktop.

This is of course the first of many builds before the final release and Microsoft isn’t including all the features and UI changes, all at once. There is a lot planned and a lot of things being tested outside of the partner builds.