Microsoft discontinues ‘Windows Media Player’ feature on Windows 7

Microsoft is retiring an essential feature from Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center on older version of the OS.

Windows Media Center on WIndows 7

If you’re still on Windows 7, you should start considering upgrading to Windows 10, no just because the extended lifecycle is coming to an end in January 2020, but also because is already starting to remove features from Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

Recently, the software giant published a new documentation page (via Neowin) announcing that starting January 25, 2019, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center will no longer update metadata for music and videos. This means that using those experiences, you won’t be able to see information, such as title, artist name, genre, director, actors, and TV guide for songs and videos (if not available locally).

While the move may seem as another push from Microsoft to get users to a newer version, the company says that the decision has been made based on feedback and usage data.

The change will not only affect Windows 7 users, but also users on Windows 8.x. However, the feature to offer metadata information will continue to work for Windows Media Player users on Windows 10.

If you’re still running one of the older versions of the operating system, it’s now the time to upgrade, or look for an alternative media player or media center experience.

Of course, this move won’t affect the functionality of the applications, they will work normally, but without the metadata information.