Windows Subsystem for Android gets May 2023 update

Windows Subsystem for Android receives the May update with memory manager, app link support, and security scan.

WSA download page
  • Android apps will improve on Windows 11 with the May update.
  • The update bumps the kernel version to 5.15.94.
  • It introduces security scans before installing apps, new memory management, and app link support.
  • It also brings reliability and performance improvements.

Microsoft releases a new update (version 2304.40000.5.0) for its Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11. The update is available through the Windows Insider Program (Dev and Beta Channels) and includes several fixes and changes to help improve Android apps and enables new features on Windows 11.

According to the announcement, the update rolls out version 5.15.94 for the Linux kernel and system reliability and performance improvements. In addition, the Windows Defender Antivirus will now scan app packages before installation. You can now set the amount of memory that WSA uses. And when you click a link from any app, it will open on the Android app (if applicable).

Android May 2023 update changes

Here’s the list of changes for the WSA version 2304.40000.5.0:

  • Android apps are now scanned using anti-virus software installed on Windows prior to app installation.
  • Users can configure how much memory to assign to Android.
  • Android apps will be launched when a user opens the supported app link from any app (Android AppLink support).
  • Linux kernel updated to 5.15.94.
  • WSA reliability and performance improvements.

The Windows Subsystem for Android update should download and install automatically. However, you can always download it manually from the Library’s page in the Microsoft Store app and by clicking the “Get updates” button. You can use these instructions to install WSA on Windows 11.