Windows Terminal gets new features with version 0.9

There's a new update for the Windows Terminal app with a lot of improvements, and here's all you need to know.

Windows Terminal app version 0.9

Windows Terminal is a new app designed to be the primary modern experience to run Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Linux on Windows 10, and on version 0.9, it’s getting new command line arguments, auto-detect PowerShell, improvements for tabs and various fixes.

Starting with this release, the Windows Terminal app will detect any version of PowerShell and automatically create a profile for you.

You can now set "confirmCloseAllTabs" to true at the top of your profiles.json file to close all the tabs without seeing an closing warning prompt.

The wt execution alias now supports command line arguments, which means that you can launch app with new tabs and panes split, profiles, and directories you preferred.

For example, wt -d . opens the Windows Terminal with the default profile in the current working directory.