Your Phone app to bring calling feature to Windows 10

Your Phone app soon to bring calling feature to everyone.

Your Phone app with dialer (image source @4j17h)

The Your Phone app for Windows 10 appears that will get a dialer feature to make phone calls. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Microsoft, Twitter user @4j17h (Ajith) spotted a new “Calls” section in the settings page of the app, which allows you to make and message calls from your phone.

Once the feature is enabled, you’ll be able to access a dialer from the right side, similar to those found on handsets, to make calls from your device through your phone, and there’s even an option to search contacts.

While the company has yet to announce the new feature, it’s already supporting this capability on Samsung Note 10 phones, and now, it appears that the same feature will come to all Windows 10 users.