How to connect iCloud to the Photos app on Windows 11

Here are the easy steps to connect Apple's iCloud to the new Photos app for Windows 11.

Windows 11 Photos with iCloud
  • To connect iCloud to Photos, install the iCloud app on Windows 11.
  • Then open the Photos app, select “iCloud Photos,” and sign in with your Apple account to complete the integration.

Alongside the updated interface design for the Photos app, Microsoft is also adding a new iCloud integration that allows iPhone and iPad users to view and manage their photos and videos from a single experience on Windows 11.

The integration isn’t pretty since you have to install the iCloud app on Windows 11, but after the setup, the Photos app will include a dedicated section for your pictures and videos.

This guide will teach you how to connect the Photos app to the iCloud service on Windows 11.

Connect iCloud to Photos app on Windows 11

To connect iCloud to the Photos app, use these steps:

  1. Open Photos on Windows 11.

  2. Click on iCloud Photos.

    Quick tip: If the option isn’t available, open the settings page and turn on the “Show iCloud Photos” toggle switch.
  3. Click the “Get iCloud for Windows” button.

    Windows 11 iCloud install

  4. Click the Get (or Install) button to install the app.

    Microsoft Store iCloud download

  5. Click the “Open iCloud for Windows” button in the Photos app.

  6. Sign in with your Apple credentials.

    Windows 11 Photos iCloud connection

Once you connect the Photos app to iCloud, you can access your media from the dedicated “iCloud Photos” tab on the left navigation pane. If you click the “All Photos” tab, your iCloud media will appear alongside your local and OneDrive media. If the attribute feature is enabled, each photo will have an iCloud icon to let you know the file’s location.

The integration is available starting with the Photos app version 2022.31110.2008.0 or higher for devices running the latest version of Windows 11. Microsoft says that the new feature should reach everyone by December. However, you can always check for updates by going to Microsoft Store > Library and clicking the Get updates button.