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Google to bring new AI search tools with ‘Magi’ to align with Bing offerings

Google to introduce new AI tools for search, GIFI AI image creator, Tivoli Tutor AI learning system, and AI integration for the Chrome browser.

  • Google is rumored to launch a series of AI search tools in the coming weeks.
  • It’s unclear the functionalities these tools will offer, but the project is known as “Magi.”
  • The company will also introduce GIFI, an AI image generator, and Tivoli Tutor, an AI learning system.
  • In addition, Google is also working on “Searchalong,” which will bring AI to the Chrome browser.

Google is reportedly working on a project known as “Magi,” which is expected to include a new set of AI tools specifically for search, according to a new report from The New York Times (via The Verge).

The company isn’t sharing details about the functionalities, but according to the reports, they are expected to offer a conversational experience like the Google Bard chatbot, and they will initially be only available to one million users in the United States.

Although Google has been trying to promote Bard as another way to get answers and not a replacement for search, the company doesn’t have another choice than to answer to similar features offered by the new Bing Chat and ChatGPT from OpenAI.

Furthermore, there have been rumors circulating that Samsung is planning to drop Google as the default search engine for Bing on mobile since the new Chat experience offers many advances in AI compared to Bard. It’s a deal that could make Google lose an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue and could help Microsoft further expand its partnership with Samsung.

Google seems to be feeling the pressure of Bing so much that the company plans to roll out some significant changes to its search engine in addition to the “Magi” project. However, the New York Times report indicates that the search giant doesn’t have a clear timeframe on when this search overhaul will ship to consumers.

According to the report from The Verge, Google is also building additional AI-powered tools to match the offerings from Bing, including the project “GIFI,” a technology to generate images with AI similar to the Bing Image Creator, and a language learning system known as “Tivoli Tutor.”

Finally, the company is working on “Searchalong,” an integration that will bring Google Bard to the Chrome browser to offer conversational responses similar to the Bing integration for Microsoft Edge, known as “Edge Copilot.”

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