Windows 11 24H2 launches for Copilot+ PCs (only) without Recall AI

Microsoft releases the new Windows 11 2024 Update for its Copilot+ PCs only. Existing devices will get it in October.

Windows 11 24H2 for Copilot+ PCs
Windows 11 24H2 for Copilot+ PCs / Image: Microsoft
  • Windows 11 24H2 arrives for the ARM-based Copilot+ PCs.
  • This release ships many of the new AI features, but Recall AI isn’t included.
  • The feature update isn’t available for existing Windows 11 PCs until sometime in October 2024.

Windows 11 24H2 (2024 Update) is officially available on June 18, but only for Copilot+ PCs. However, existing devices meeting the hardware requirements will have to wait until October 2024 (or September for those wanting to upgrade to the final version early).

The feature update is available as build 26100.863 (KB5039239), and it includes several new features, including Windows Studio Effects, Live Captions with translations, Voice Clarity, Auto Super Resolution (Auto SR), Cocreator for Paint, and Restyle Image for Photos. However, this release doesn’t include the “headlining” feature known as Window Recall because Microsoft needs more time to test and improve security.

What are Copilot+ PCs?

Copilot+ PCs are a new category of computers that Microsoft has invented to indicate that they’re capable of running the latest AI technologies.

These devices feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processors, which have 12 cores and an integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) capable of 40+ TOPS of AI performance. They also come with 16GB of memory or more and 256GB of SSD or more.

Currently, there are around nine devices that you can purchase, including:

  • Surface Pro (11th Edition).
  • Surface Laptop (7th Edition).
  • Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge.
  • DELL Inspiron 14 Plus.
  • DELL XPS 13.
  • Acer Swift 14 AI.
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x.
  • ASUS Vivobook S 15.
  • HP OmniBook X 14.

Also, the Microsoft Store exclusively offers 64GB of RAM configuration for its newest Surface Pro and Laptop devices.

The Surface Pro (11th Edition) 15-inch with 64GB of RAM costs $2500, and the Laptop (7th Edition) 15-inch with 64GB of RAM also costs $2500.

AMD is expected to launch its Ryzen AI processor, which integrates an NPU with 50+ TOPS to meet the Copilot+ PC requirements. However, the company didn’t announce a specific release date.

On the other hand, Intel plans to release its Lunar Lake processors that will be compatible with the Copilot+ PC experience as it will integrate an NPU with more than 40 TOPS.

Currently, Windows Recall works on ARM64-based devices, but it will eventually become available for the x86 architecture as AMD and Intel plan to release chips with integrated NPU.

Can I get the version 24H2 on my PC?

While version 24H2 is currently only available for Copilot+ PCs, you can still get a taste of the new release if you’re already running Windows 11 on your device. Simply join the Windows Insider Program through the Release Preview Channel. Your device may not receive all the AI features, but you’ll still have access to the new Copilot app and other AI features that don’t require an NPU.

In addition, Copilot+ PCs and other non-AI devices will have access to many of the new features and changes, such as Energy Saver, Sudo for Windows 11, File Explorer’s new option to create TAR, 7z, and Zip files, Windows Protected Print mode, sound improvements, and more.

When will Windows Recall be available?

In the case of Windows Recall, Microsoft is expected to roll out a preview of the feature that takes screenshots of everything you do to make everything searchable using natural language in the coming weeks through the Windows Insider Program. However, again, the preview will only be available for Copilot+ PCs.

Update Copilot+ PC to version 24H2 (stable)

If you have a brand-new Copilot+ PC, the device will update automatically during the initial setup (Out-of-box Experience (OOBE)), but you can always check from Settings > Windows Update, turn on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option, and click the “Check for updates” button to download and install the update KB5039239.

If the update doesn’t appear on your computer, you can download the KB5039239 manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. You can apply the update by double-clicking the “.msu” file and restarting the computer.

Once the computer installs the latest update, the remaining pieces of version 24H2 will become available when the feature update is officially released in October.

Update existing PC to version 24H2 (preview)

If you have an existing computer running Windows 11 23H2 or Windows 10 22H2, you can upgrade to version 24H2, but you’ll first need to enroll the device in the “Release Preview Channel” and then install the latest builds from the “Windows Update” settings.

Open Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program, click the “Get Started” button, continue with your Microsoft account, choose the “Release Preview Channel” option, restart the computer, open Settings > Windows Update, turn on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option, and click the “Check for updates” button to download the Windows 11 build 26100.863 (KB5039239) on the device.

You can use my previous guide to check if the Windows 11 2024 Update is installed on your computer.

It’s important to note that you will be installing a pre-release of Windows 11. As a result, bugs and other issues are expected, even after the feature update becomes officially available. It’s recommended to create a full backup of your computer before proceeding with your computer in case you need to roll back.

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