Windows 11 version 24H2, also known as the “2024 Update,” introduces a suite of enhancements on productivity, security, and personalization. However, it’s a feature update that heavily focuses on new AI innovations, including changes for Copilot, a new AI Explorer feature, and other AI-specific additions like Super Resolution, Speak to Me, Voice Clarity, and Live Captions with live translations.
Other key features include the Sudo command for Windows 11. File Explorer now offers a wizard for creating archival formats (including 7z, TAR, and Zip). It also offers support for Wi-Fi 7 and hearing aid devices. 
You will also find various interface changes across the Taskbar, Settings app, and built-in apps.
Windows 11 24H2 will have two releases. The first release will be for the new ARM-based devices in June but will not have many of the intended features. Then, in September 2024, everyone with an existing release of the operating system will be able to upgrade to the new update manually. Finally, in October, version 24H2 will be more broadly available.
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