Microsoft ups Bing AI chats per session and day limits

After placing new limits due to unwanted behaviors, Microsoft now increases Bing AI chat turns to 15 per session and 150 per day.

Bing AI ChatGPT UI
Bing AI ChatGPT UI (Source: Microsoft)
  • Microsoft increased Bing AI chat turns to 20 per session and 200 per day as of March 25.
  • The previous limit was 15 queries per session and 150 per day to reduce unwanted behaviors.
  • The original limit was 5 turns per session and 50 sessions per day.

UPDATED 3/27/2023: Microsoft is relaxing the previous limitations for the chat queries using its Bing AI to 6 per session and 60 per day. When the company first announced the limited availability of the new chatbot, the experience had its limitations, but the queries weren’t one of them.

However, after noticing the number of queries users were using per session daily, the company decided to put a limit of 5 “chat turns” per session and 50 per day to reduce the amount of incorrect and manipulative answers that long sessions were causing to a “handful” of users.

The reason for the problem is unclear, but after a long chat session, the company acknowledged that the AI could generate odd and incorrect answers with argumentative tones and other behaviors. Something that the company didn’t anticipate because it wasn’t the case during the internal testing.

However, after feedback, Microsoft is relaxing and increasing “the chat turns per session to 6 and expands to 60 total chats per day.” According to the company, telemetry shows these new changes are enough to allow users “natural daily use of Bing.”

Furthermore, the company plans to increase the “daily cap to 100 total chats soon.” In addition, with these changes, the regular searches will no longer count against the chat totals.

Finally, Microsoft is also working on a new option that will allow users to change the tone of the chatbot from more “Precise,” which will focus on shorter, more search-focused answers, to “Balanced,” to more “Creative” for longer and more chatty responses.

Update March 8, 2023: Microsoft has once again increased the daily limit to 10 chat turns per session and 120 sessions per day.

Update March 14, 2023: Microsoft is increasing the daily limit to 15 chat turns per session and 150 sessions per day.

Update March 27, 2023: Microsoft has increased the daily limit to 20 chat turns per session and 200 sessions per day.

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